EmpirBus CLC

EmpirBus CLC is a patented innovation which have been used by customers in an international market since 2002.

The EmpirBus CLC system is a fully decentralized power supply system that will change your perspective of marine installations forever.

Every day an increasing number of boat manufacturers are taking advantage of the numerous possiblilities to control and to monitor all of the electrical system with EmpirBus. Commercially EmpirBus makes sense with reduced design times and decreased labour and material costs.

EmpirBus CLC also delivers many new exciting features that increases comfort for the end user.



  • Functionality; Enhanced Features for the boat owner
  • Simplicity; Removes redundant fuse panelse and breakers and complex wiring
  • Minimalism; Complex wiring is reduced
  • Flexibility; Change functions without re-wiring
  • Safety; Add safety functions for any consumer
  • Power save; Battery save mode
  • Any fuse reset; Use one switch to reset any fuse in the system
  • Remote control; Cordless remote control for any function
  • Remote Management; Remote Monitoring with pre set Alarms and Control of set functions via
  • BSM Network
  • Powerful Mode functions; Simplify operation by designated modes, i.e. Harbour Mode, Night
  • Mode
  • Burglar alarm; Sophisticated integrated security
  • Current monitoring; Under current alarm for any consumer
  • Membrane panels; Easily connect custom membrane panels with only 4 wires