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EmpirBus NXT

Empirbus NXT DCM is based on more than 10 years experience in power distribution using Digital Switching.
We have used our longterm experience, together with the feedback from our customers and then added our own innovative ideas.
EmpirBus NXT DCM provides all features and functionality from the EmpirBus CLC system, added with lot of unique and new possibilities.


EmpirBus is a generically designed system, suitable for different application areas - with almost endless integration possibilities.

Long experience from demanding installations in marine environments proves the durability and robustness.
Vehicle installations shows the flexibility, along with efficiency in use of space and reduced installation time.
Industrial applications for logic capacity and connectivity, all in a very compact unit.

- Wherever there is a need for a robust, flexible, dynamic or quick electrical installation, EmpirBus is at your service -


2017-10-01 - New address (same location!!) - Spikvägen 1, 45175 Uddevalla Sweden

2017-05-01 - Updated version of EmpirBus Graphic v2.1

2016-11-01 - New CAN-bus switch panel introduced, SP-8

2016-03-01 - EmpirBus new DC-module, Connect 50, released!

2015-12-17 - Updated version of EmpirBus Studio released including copy/paste

2015-11-17 - RSS feed to follow new releases of firmware available (Products/Configuration/Firmware)

2015-11-17 - A new website is launched.

2014-12-08 - Trigentic moves to new location (Bultvägen 1, UDDEVALLA, Sweden)

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About us

Garmin Sweden Technologies AB is a company who delivers innovative and intelligent products, solutions and services in the areas of embedded systems, power supply and power distribution. Our products are distributed by our network of selected partners. Find your nearest distributing partner in the list. If you have an interest in becoming an EmpirBus partner, please contact us.

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